Strategic Plan

2021 Strategic Plan - Balanced Scorecard & Measures

In September of 2020, the City Administrator and City Council met to discuss a new Strategic Plan for the City as the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan was set to expire at the end of the year. A new Strategy Map for the City was introduced to the council during the December 9, 2020, General Government Meeting. This new Strategy Map implements a scorecard with measurable goals. See the Proposed Balanced Scorecard & Measures (PDF) for more information.

Balanced Scorecard Measures - Strategy Map


Cañon City is a vibrant, attractive, and safe community that values quality of life, adventure, and prosperity. 



  • Cañon City continually improves its citizens' quality of life.
  • We are a customer-focused, business-friendly community.
  • Canon City is a dynamic destination with a small-town feel 


  • Spend tax dollars efficiently and responsibly.
  • Maintain a balanced, diversified economy.

Internal Processes

Community Engagement

  • Establish and promote our identity and nurture community pride.
  • Create programming that engages people.

Economic Development

  • Prioritize and implement development projects.
  • Champion community relationships that will foster entrepreneurship.
  • Establish Canon City as an economically resilient community 

Operational Excellence

  • Simplify municipal regulations and code.
  • Invest in infrastructure and public safety.

Learning and Growth

  • Establish a culture of great customer service.
  • Provide opportunities for staff growth and training.