Irrigation Lateral Replacement Program

Program Information

The intent of Irrigation Lateral Replacement Program is to aid property owners in the replacement of privately owned irrigation laterals located within the City’s rights-of-way that are either broken, damaged, non-functional, actively causing or creating the potential to cause flooding, or creating unsafe and hazardous conditions. The program is a cost share between the City and the individual property owner(s) whose property is adjacent to the irrigation lateral to be replaced.    

Application for Irrigation Lateral Replacement

Applications for irrigation lateral replacement must be initiated by the owner(s) of the abutting property to which the irrigation lateral serves. Applications must be submitted to the Engineering Department on forms provided by the City. A site meeting with the property owner and Contractor is required prior to approval.  

Irrigation Lateral Replacement Program Details

The program applies to existing irrigation laterals within the public right-of-way that are in disrepair. The program shall not apply to installation of new irrigation laterals; laterals for reasons other than disrepair, such as to accommodate the installation of a new driveway; or repair for damages caused by construction activities. The City, in its sole discretion, may decide to accept or reject any application for any reason.

Every effort shall be made to preserve existing trees.  In the event a tree within the right-of-way cannot be preserved because of an irrigation lateral replacement, the City shall remove the tree(s).  In the event a tree on private property cannot be preserved because of an irrigation lateral replacement, the relevant private property owner shall be responsible for removal of the tree(s).

City standard specifications shall be followed for all construction. All irrigation laterals will be replaced with piped sections.  Open ditches can be converted to piped lateral, but the program cannot be used to maintain open ditch sections.  

Property owner(s) are responsible for maintaining the lateral after installation.  Applicants accepted into the program shall be required to execute a maintenance agreement with the City prior to construction that will be recorded against the property.   

Property owners are responsible to contract directly with a licensed right-of-way contractor for the work.   To be eligible for reimbursement, the City must be afforded an opportunity to review and accept the cost quotation for the work prior to starting construction.  Upon satisfactory completion of the work the City shall reimburse the property owner for a portion of the cost to replace the irrigation lateral as follows: 

  • The City shall bear 100% of the cost for any new public street/alley crossing work that is completed incidental to the project as approved by the City Engineer.  
  • Property Owner(s) and City shall split 50/50 the cost for private irrigation lateral piping work up to a maximum City contribution of $20/FT. 
  • Property Owner(s) shall bear 100% of the cost for any private irrigation cleanout boxes needed for the project.  

 At the discretion of the City Engineer and Streets Superintendent small projects of limited scale (<100 FT of piping) may be completed by the City DPW Crews.  These instances will be limited based on crew availability and to projects with limited complications.  In these instances, the City shall invoice the property owner for an equitable portion of the work based on the same criteria used for the reimbursement.  Property Owner(s) portion must be paid in full before City will begin work.  

 This program shall be funded through City General Fund Dollars at the discretion of the City Council.   If the program is funded in a given year the maximum annual amount shall not be exceeded, and requests will be accommodated on a first come first serve basis.

Questions and applications can be submitted to Public Works Director, Leo Evans, at or 719.276.5291.