Post Construction Program

The City of Cañon City’s post-construction program encompasses permanent structural Best Management Practices (BMPs) which function to control stormwater runoff quantity and improve runoff quality once site construction is completed.

Examples of Construction

Permanent structural BMPs can include:

  • Detention Basins
  • Drainage Channels
  • Grass Swales
  • Oil/Water Separators and Sand Trap Filters.
  • Permeable Pavement
  • Porous Landscape Detention
  • Retention Ponds


Through our State stormwater permit, the City of Cañon City is required to implement planning and enforcement procedures to reduce stormwater impacts resulting from areas of new development and significant redevelopment by meeting the following elements:

  • Develop design criteria and standards for the selection and design of appropriate structural and non-structural BMPs.
  • Develop review and approval procedures for the BMPs which include plan review and field verification.
  • Develop a tracking system of permanent structural BMPs.
  • Establish long-term operation and maintenance requirements.
  • Establish a regulatory mechanism that requires any development projects disturbing one or more acres, and those that disturb less than one acre but are part of a larger common plan of development, incorporate stormwater management BMPs.
  • Monitoring and enforcement of long-term compliance.

The City of Cañon City has met these requirements through our Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control plan. Stormwater Program staff keeps a database of all permanent BMPs, both publicly- and privately-owned.


Inspections are conducted on all BMPs annually and custodians are notified in writing of any deficiencies noted. Inspections look at various aspects of the BMP,s including vegetation, structural integrity, erosion, trash and debris, burrowing animals and vandalism. If maintenance is required it is noted in the inspection letter sent to the custodian. Follow-up inspections are conducted to ensure maintenance has been completed. If it has not been done, the City may take corrective action.