Municipal Operations

The City of Cañon City is required, through its Stormwater Discharge Permit from the State, to reduce the amount and type of pollution that can affect stormwater runoff quality generated by its municipal operations and from municipally-owned or operated property.

Housekeeping Procedures

The City strives to reduce and prevent stormwater pollution by means of good housekeeping procedures. These include:

  • Proper material storage and handling
  • Repair or replacement of stormwater infrastructure
  • Spill prevention and proper response
  • Street sweeping
  • Training employees on the Operations and Maintenance manual

Annual Inspections

An annual inspection is conducted on all municipal-owned or operated facilities such as:

  • Buildings
  • Detention Basins
  • Drainage Channels
  • Parks
  • Properties
  • Other stormwater structural Best Management Practices

Reports indicating areas that need maintenance or have the potential to impact stormwater runoff are given to the appropriate departments. Follow-up inspections are done to ensure that maintenance has been completed.

Storm Sewer System

One of the City’s responsibilities is the maintenance, repair, replacement and construction of stormwater facilities that comprise its storm sewer system. The storm sewer system is a network of storm inlets, pipes, channels, ditches, detention basins and other structures that transport and/or temporarily retain stormwater which is eventually discharged into the Arkansas River. The primary function of a storm sewer system is flood control, but certain structures within the system can also play a role in improving stormwater runoff quality. The chart below shows the types of infrastructure the City maintains:

ItemEstimated AmountEstimated Number of Linear FeetEstimated Number of Miles
Detention Basins26N/AN/A
Drainage Channels (not including irrigation channels and laterals)5978,014.8514.8
Other BMPs17N/AN/A
Storm Inlets737N/AN/A
Storm Outfalls (where storm sewer empties to river, creek, or drainage; not including irrigation return, footing/foundation drains and groundwater drains.)183N/AN/A