Right-of-Way Permits

Right-of-Way Permits are required for all major encroachments including but not limited to:

  • Construction or reconstruction of any pavement, concrete, curb, gutter, or sidewalk in any street, alley, or Rights of way within the City of Cañon City
  • Excavations
  • Installation of fill
  • Installations or repairs of underground utilities
  • Sidewalk Cafés

Refer to City of Cañon City Municipal Code, Chapter 12.12, Work and Encroachment on City Property, for further information.

All ROW permit applications, ROW dumpster applications, inquiries, insurance certificates, bond info, and all other supporting documentation related to ROW permitting should be emailed to rowpermitting@canoncity.org

License, Bond & Insurance Required

In order to do work in the rights-of-way and obtain an excavation permit, one must be contractor licensed and insured with the City of Cañon City who has provided a performance bond as required per City of Cañon City Municipal Code - Chapter 5.12 and 12.12. 

Right of Way Permit Applications

Right-of-Way Permits must be obtained in person at City Hall, 128 Main Street, Cañon City. ROW Permit applications can be downloaded here or filled out online and sent directly to the public works inspector.

Dumpster ROW Permit Applications

Dumpster ROW permits can be downloaded, filled out, and brought to City Hall. The fee of $120 needs to be paid for at the time of application submittal - in person or via postal mail.

Sidewalk Café Permit Applications

Sidewalk Café Permits must be obtained in person at City Hall, 128 Main Street, Cañon City. Sidewalk Café Permit application and materials can be downloaded below.

Fee Schedule

Some or all fees may be waived for Contractors working for the City on capital improvement projects. The fee schedule is as follows:

  • Compaction Tests (per test) - $43
  • Permit Fee - $50
  • Inspection Fee (per site visit) - $70
  • Dumpster in Right-of-Way - $120
  • Unauthorized Work in Right-of-Way - $250 minimum fine
  • Pavement and concrete replacement costs
    • Asphalt pavement - $7.50 per square feet
    • Concrete pavement - $14.08 per square feet
    • Curb and Gutter (install only) - $17.05 per lineal foot
    • Curb and Gutter (removal and replacement) - $34.10 per lineal foot
    • Concrete Flatwork, 4 inches thick - $7.04 per square feet
    • Concrete Flatwork, 6 inches thick - $10.56 per square feet
    • Concrete Flatwork, 8 inches thick - $14.08 per square feet
  • Water Department standby and inspection fee - $32 per hour
  • Water Department inspection of main installation - $0.60 per lineal foot
  • Water Department pressure test and sampling (per test) - $75, plus $0.10 per lineal foot
  • Tapping of water main, per tap (separate from Tap Fees):
    • 3/4 inches to 2 inches - $65 per tap
    • 4 inches - $347 per tap
    • 6 inches - $357 per tap
    • 8 inches - $367 per tap
    • 12 inches - $387 per tap

Larger Developments

Fees for larger developments with multiple lots and larger projects:

  • Option 1 -  One permittee (General Contractor or Developer)
    • Curb and Gutter - $32.50 per number of lots/services
    • Dry Utilities (Phone, cable, electric, etc.) - $32.50 per number of lots/services
    • Paving - $32.50 per number of lots/services
    • Wet Utilities (Water, storm, sewer, etc.) - $32.50 per number of lots/services
    • Total - $130 X (# of lots/services)
  • Option 2 - Multiple permittees (General contractor plus subcontractors)

Each type of excavation will be billed separately to each permittee at $32.50 X (# of lots/services)

Scheduling Inspections

Any inspection or testing made on any Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, or between the hours of 3:30 pm and 7 am of any day shall require a fee of 50% higher than the fee otherwise established.

Each new development/project will provide their own trench inspections and density testing by an acceptable qualified third party and provide the reports/results to the City prior to surface restoration. It is the at the City’s discretion on which developments/projects are large enough or qualify to be considered in this manner.

View the City’s Standard Construction Specifications (PDF).