Project List


  • N. 9th Street Water Main Replacement (combination 2A/Stormwater)
  • S. 8th Street and Bridge Street Water Main Replacement


  • 2A N. 9th Street (US50 to Mystic Ave)(combination Water/Stormwater)
  • 2A Meadows Ave (10th Street to 11th Street)
  • Alley Reconstruction – Downtown (design only)
  • Chip/Crack Seal
  • Miscellaneous Concrete

Quality of Life / Colorado Department of Transportation

  • CMAQ 2020 (Paving S. 8th Street and Bridge Street)
  • CMAQ 2021 (design only)
  • CO115 Pedestrian Improvements
  • US50 Pedestrian Improvements (design only)
  • US50 West Access Control Plan

Railroad Crossings

  • S 11th Street - UPRR


  • S. 4th Street Parking
  • River Station HC Parking
  • Royal Gorge Park Restroom (design only)
  • Clock Tower Parking Lot (design only)


  • Gateway Monument Signage
  • Wayfinding Signage

Building Demolition / Site Prep

  • 304 S 1st Street - Skyline Steel
  • Water Street Sewer Main (design only)


  • Bridge Maintenance

Planning / Survey

  • River Corridor
  • Forked Gulch
  • City Hall LLA
  • Hogback Annexation


  • Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan - 9th Street (combination 2A/Water)
  • Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan - Dawson Ranch
  • Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan – Abbey Drainage (Rhodes Ave)(design only)
  • Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan – NE Canon Drainage (WPA Channel)(design only)
  • Stormwater Facility Maintenance