Bulk Water Station

Second Bulk Water Station (6/19/2020)

The City of Cañon City Water Department will be putting a second Bulk Water Fill Station into service for our growing customer base in the upcoming weeks. The new fill station will be located directly to the north of the existing fill station located near 1525 South 9th Street. It will be operated in the same manner as the existing fill station. However, in order to accommodate all of our bulk water customer’s needs, the fill stations will have some changes.

The existing fill station will be dedicated to our large bulk water haulers with tank capacities of 2,000 gallons and greater. The station’s outlet connection will be increased in size from a 3” male Cam-Lok fitting to a 4” male Cam-Lok fitting. In addition, the flow rate will be adjusted to flow a larger amount of water. These changes will enable larger tanks to fill faster.

The new fill station will be dedicated to the majority of our bulk water customers with tanks less than 2,000 gallons. The new station will be set up so that our bulk water customers will not need to make any changes to their fill piping including the 3” male Cam-Lok fitting.

Stations will be strictly dedicated to the tank sizes outlined above. Therefore, accounts will be assigned to the station that applies to their tank size.  You will not be able to move back and forth between stations.

It is anticipated that the new station will be ready for service on July 1, 2020. If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office at 719-269-9022.