Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for accepting and reviewing building and mechanical permit applications, plans for code compliance, issuing building and other construction related permits, and undertaking inspections.

The Building Department also responds to housing and unsafe building code complaints, and participates in conducting health, housing, and unsafe building violation inspections.


The Building Department is currently staffed by a full time Building Official and one full time Building Inspector.


A third party Commercial Plan Reviewer currently completes all commercial reviews for the City. The City’s commercial application should be filled out. This application along with all applicable plans, specifications and other information should be submitted to the third party Commercial Plan Reviewer. Please review the overview of the permit process (PDF).

Applicants will be responsible to pay review fees directly to the third party Commercial Plan Reviewer.


The Cañon City Building Department utilizes the following 2006 edition codes:

  • International Building Code
  • International Energy Conservation Code
  • International Fuel Gas Code
  • International Mechanical Code
  • International Residential Code


Inspections are completed as requested by contractors and owners for construction methods, materials, mechanical systems and location. Inspections may be scheduled 24-hours a day by calling 719-276-5253.

Electrical and Plumbing permits and inspections are issued and scheduled by the State of Colorado. View the contact information for the State of Colorado.

Contractors License

General and limited contractors are licensed through an application process administered through this department. Click here for an application.