In the Home

Around the Home

There are many areas that can impact water quality around your home. Visit the Home Advisor website for tips on decreasing your impact around the home.

Home Improvement Projects

  • Clean paint brushes off in a sink; not outdoors.
  • Clean up any spills immediately and make sure to properly dispose of any left-over materials from projects, such as paint, varnishes, scrap materials and sawdust.
  • Consider giving left over paint to local organizations or schools.
  • If you do need to dispose of paint, you can add cat litter and let it dry out before placing in the garbage.
  • Pick up construction debris and sweep up sawdust and place in the garbage.
  • When using oil-based paints, filter and re-use the paint thinner.

See the Protecting Stormwater - Home Repair and Remodeling and Painting (PDF) for more information.

Pools & Spas

Keep pools and spas maintained and clean them regularly. Don’t clean filters in the street; instead rinse them out over a dirt area and spade the residue into the soil. Drain pools, spas and hot tubs to the sanitary sewer if possible. If not, make sure to dechlorinate the water then drain onto your lawn.