Creative Crosswalks

Selected Designs for 4th–7th Street Intersections Downtown Main Street

Mayor and Council Recognition

During the Monday, September 18, 2023 City Council meeting, the Mayor and City Council approved the creative crosswalk designs for downtown Main Street and recognized the artists who submitted the crosswalk art designs that received the top 8 votes. There were a total of 562 individual responses from the community! We thank everyone who submitted crosswalk designs and everyone who took the time to vote for your top 5 favorites. These designs will be placed on the intersections of 4th through 7th Streets on Main Street in the spring.

Below is a list of the artists and their crosswalk submissions. Congratulations!
  • Beki Javernick - Whitewater River Waves
  • Brandon Mares - Biking & Rafting, Rafts & Kayaks, Royal Gorge Bridge, River Fun
  • JoBeth Selzer - River Mountain Sunset
  • Kayla Farber - Dinosaurs (pictured below)
  • Sydney Danielson w/ Fremont County Department of Health & Environment - Bighorn & Mountains (pictured below)
Photo of the Mayor, City Council, City Administrator, and artists Kayla Farber and Sydney Danielson

Creative Crosswalks Program

The City Council and the Public Art Committee are seeking community involvement in a new public art project to design creative crosswalks along Main Street as part of a pilot program funded through a CDOT Revitalizing Main Street Grant. We hope to encourage our community to participate in designing Creative Crosswalks for Main Street at the intersections of 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Streets.

Interested individuals can submit an application and draft drawing or digital concept to between July 18, 2023 and August 11, 2023. 

The Public Art Committee will review each application and make sure that they meet all of the guidelines and criteria. The community will vote on those submissions from August 29 through September 4, 2023. The top-voted submittals will be recommended to City Council during the September 18, 2023 council meeting.

Main Street Pilot Program Guidelines

The below intends to provide guidance on the installation of creative crosswalks along Main Street as part of a Pilot Program funded through a CDOT Revitalizing Main Street Grant.  A number of documents were reviewed and considered in the development of this criteria, all sources are referenced at the end of this document. No single existing source was utilized, rather a conglomeration of ideas were gathered from multiple sources to develop the criteria below. 

The pilot program aims to install creative crosswalks along Main Street at the intersections of 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th.  All four legs of each intersection will be available.  

All work is intended to be aesthetic in nature; work is intended to provide a sense of community and placemaking to the areas.  These are considered decorative treatments and are not promoted as a traffic calming measure.  

This listing is not meant to be exhaustive and sound engineering judgement will be used to review each submittal prior to implementation. 

Criteria for Pilot Program:

  • All creative designs must maintain a MUTCD standard crosswalk. Creative Crosswalk space is limited to the unused space within the footprint of the crosswalk, but outside of the standard marking layout.

    MUTCD Standard Crosswalks
  • Designs cannot contain any octagons, triangles, or other shapes that could be confused with standard traffic control devices.   

  • Designs shall be for aesthetic and placemaking purposes. Designs cannot contain any logos, text, advertising, offensive symbols, or trademarked graphics without the consent of the owner.

  • Designs cannot contain any political, religious, commercial, or other messages.

  • Designs should contribute to the visual quality of the streetscape. Designs should be simple graphic images to avoid visual clutter and able to be laser cut to create a stencil for reapplication.

  • Materials should be non-reflective street-grade or thermoplastic paint. If recommended by the manufacturer grit shall be added for non-slip purposes.

  • Certain colors cannot be used as they conflict with standard color variations within the MUTCD. Restricted colors are as follows (Pantone #):
    1. Blue (294)
    2. Brown (469)
    3. Green (342)
    4. Orange (152)
    5. Pink (198)
    6. Red (187)
    7. Yellow (116)
    8. Yellow-Green (382)
  • Designer relinquishes all intellectual property rights to the design and grants the City the right to utilize the design.

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