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30 Day Row Permit Excavation / Encroachment

  1. Applicant Information
    Work in the City Rights-of-Way (ROW) require a current license, insurance and bond with the City of Cañon City. ROW closure do not require a bond.
  2. ROW/Site Information
    Mark all that apply:
  3. Permit and cut fees will be billed out following the completion of the project. Inquiries regarding permit fees can be estimated by the Public Works Inspector.
  4. Purpose of Work
  5. Contractor is to notify Fire, Police, Ambulance via dispatch by calling 719-276-5600.
  6. Attach sketch of proposed work area to include location, cross streets, and other relative information as required.
  7. In accepting this permit the undersigned, representing the Permittee, verifies that he has read and understands all applicable resolutions, ordinances, rules and regulations; that he has authority to sign for and bind the Permittee, that the Permittee is a licensed contractor with the City and the appropriate bond has been submitted: and that by virtue of his signature the Permittee is bound by all conditions applicable.
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