No runoff from stormwater drains off my property; why do I have to pay?

While some people believe that no stormwater runs off their property into the system (this may be true for smaller storm events), however, during larger storms this would be impossible. Also, water that soaks into the ground may still eventually enter groundwater or migrate into the stormwater system underground.

Additionally, we all use the City street system as drivers or recipients of goods and services. This network of impervious surfaces’ impact must be mitigated as well by us all collectively paying for its management. All residents within the Cañon City limits benefit from the repair and maintenance of the stormwater system and from capital projects which protect our community.

Remember that it is not only the quantity of stormwater the City is managing, but also the water quality of the runoff. The programs mandated by the City’s stormwater permit, and funded by the utility fee, help keep the runoff as clean as possible without actual active treatment, which benefits everyone.

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14. No runoff from stormwater drains off my property; why do I have to pay?
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