What happens when code violations are found?

The Code Enforcement Officer identifies code violations and investigates all complaints to determine any unlawful activity relating to the City’s codes and ordinances that pertain to private property. If violations are identified, the Officer will, if at all possible, contact the owner and/or tenant personally to discuss the violation and set up a timeline for abatement (elimination of the violation). To avoid further action by the City, abatement is expected to occur within 7 to 10 days, but can be extended depending on any unique circumstances. If the violation still exists after that time, the Officer mails and/or posts the property with a Notice of Violation for the property owner and/or occupant. After that, failure to meet instructed compliance procedures can result in the issuance of an Administrative Citation or a Court summons, both of which will have fines connected with them.

Abatement Costs

Additionally, failure to heed compliance with citations can result in the assessment of abatement costs and/or a property tax lien attached to the unlawful property. In all cases, the property is monitored to expedite clean-up compliance and the current responsible owner is given ‘due process’ notification.

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