List of Current Peddlers

Peddler licenses are valid for the year they are issued and expire at the end of the year.

2022 Peddlers

  • Bex Solar
    Erik Beck, William Long, Sammy Vasquez

  • Edward Jones Investments  
    Christian Pineda

  • Four Suns, LLC
    Adam Kremer, Brock Erdman

  • Hindsight 2020 Security Service, LLC
    Jonathan Billet

  • Referral Roofing
    Ryan Westmoreland

  • Reliable Roofing Systems
    John Bryant

  • Simon Bros Roofing and Solar
    Holly Lyman

  • Smart Home Pros
    Jon Baxter

  • Solarise Solar
    Jared Latimer, Ken Reimann, Jessica Stone