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History of Cañon City

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th and Main Street ca.11-24-1955 RGRMHC no.2005 038 016
500 Block of Main Street North Side ca.1903 RGRMHC no.1986-043-200
Blossom Queen Float ca1949 RGRMHC no.1994-035-855
Canon City Sign ca.9-13-1956 RGRMHC no.2005 038 027
Canon Market ca.3-17-1955 RGRMHC no.2005 038 005
Family at the Royal Gorge ca1955 RGRMHC no.1994-035-8708
Family in Car at Royal Gorge Pavilion ca1925 RGRMHC no.1998-016-005N
Harrison Orchards ca1911 RGRMHC no.1989 054 001
Interior of Batchelor's Dairy ca1956 RGRMHC no.2005-038-047
Logan Family at the Royal Gorge ca1919 RGRMHC no.1994-014-001
Old Fremont County Courthouse ca1881 RGRMHC no.1984-009-127
Pancake Race ca.1956 RGRMHC no.2005-038-030
Prison Band at World Premier of the movie Canon City in front of Skyline Theater ca1948 RGRMHC no.1992-024-059
Rafting on the Arkansas River -Tracy Harmon- ca.5-15-1994 RGRMHC no.2011 100 182
Royal Gorge Bridge ca.9-19-1954 RGRMHC no.2005 038 028
Stagecoach in front of Methodist Church ca1878 RGRMHC no.1986043065
Trail and Saddle Ride ca1947 RGRMHC no.1994-035-530
Veterans Day Parade ca.11-15-1956 RGRMHC no.2005 038 043
Veterans Day Parade ca.11-15-1956 RGRMHC no.2005-038-044
Workers at the Colorado Packing Corporation ca1916 RGRMHC no.1975-004-005
Skyline Drive estimated circa.1925