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November 10, 2016

ATTENTION: City of Cañon City Sales/Use Tax Filers

Effective January 1, 2017 the sales/use tax rate for the City of Cañon City will change to 3% in which 1% is designated for street improvements.  The 3% sales/use tax applies to any taxable transaction beginning on January 1, 2017.  For reporting purposes, the January, 2017 sales/use tax return, which is due on February 20, 2017, will be the first return in which this new sales/use tax rate applies.  The pre-printed forms, which the City of Cañon City issues upon your request, as well as our on-line system will reflect this change accordingly.

Thanks for updating your records to account for the sales/use tax rate change to 3%.

Ken Burger
City of Cañon City
Sr. Accounting Tech - Sales & Use Tax

Sales and Use Tax is responsible for processing receipts of sales tax returns, monitoring businesses’ compliance with the city’s sales and use tax ordinances, overseeing collection of City sales/use taxes, and auditing of sales/use tax records.  The main emphasis is educating and assisting businesses with voluntary compliance with the ordinances, while maintaining the resources to enforce the ordinances, if necessary.  The objective of the audit function is to ensure sales/use tax license holders are in compliance with the City of Cañon City Municipal Code.  The following is the Finance-Sales Tax section of the Municipal Code. Sales Tax Code.pdf

Current Monthly Sales Tax Collections Report

Please see the following documents which need to be completed to become licensed in the City of Cañon City. This applies to various retail businesses, as well as special event participants. A sales tax reporting form is provided for you to complete reporting of sales/use taxes if needed.  A sales tax street guide is also provided showing the boundaries of “city proper”. 

2018 Application and Guidelines for a Sales Tax License
Temporary Sales Tax Licensing Packet
2018 Sales Tax Reporting Form
2018 Sales Tax Rate Chart
Sales Tax Street Guide

In an effort to become more user friendly and environmentally conscious, online payments and reporting are available. Please click on the following link.

Sales Tax and Licensing Inquiry  

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