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Stormwater Public Education and Outreach

Click on the links below for downloadable fact sheets, activity sheets and lesson plans. Staff is also available to come to your classroom to give a talk and demonstrations about stormwater. Contact us at 719-276-5265 for more information.
Water - General  Water - Pollution  Educational Links 
Colorado Water - The Big Picture Did You Know? Colorado Foundation for Agriculture
Watersheds What is Nonpoint Source Pollution? EPA - Students
Protect Our Watersheds Non-Point Source - Colorado EPA - Kids
Colorado Water Protection Kit Pollution Prevention Toolkit EPA - Environmental Education
Freshwater Activity Sheet Water Pollution Activity Sheet  
Let's find out About Water Activity Sheet    
Colorado River Watch Understanding Nonpoint Source Pollution  
Understanding Water Activity Book Safe Waters, Healthy Waters Guide  
Parents and Kids
Click on the links below for downloadable activity sheets and booklets.
Kids-Activity Sheets/Booklets  Kids-Information Sheets/Booklets  Kids-Additional Links
 Freshwater Activity Sheet  Colorado Water - The Big Picture  Colorado Foundation for Agriculture
 Let's Find Out About Water  Protect Our Watersheds  Nonpoint Source Colorado
 Water Pollution Activity Sheet  Did You Know?  EPA-Nonpoint Source Kids Page
 Colorado Water Protection Kit  What is Nonpoint Source Pollution?  EPA-Student Center
 Water Does A lot for Us  Pollution Prevention Toolkit  Children and Nature Network
 Stormwater Crossword Puzzle  Understanding Nonpoint Source Pollution  
 Understanding Water Activity Book    

The EnviroScape is a model which shows how stormwater runoff picks up anything in its path. It shows where the runoff (and everything it has picked up) ends. The model is used to show how stormwater pollution can be minimized. This demonstration is suitable for any age group. To arrange a talk and demonstration call 719-276-5265.

Civic Groups, Organizations, and Other Clubs
The staff of the Stormwater Department is always happy to arrange a presentation to local civic groups, home owner's organizations or other interested parties. To arrange for a presentation, please contact us at 719-276-5265.