Engineering (Permits/Projects/Stormwater)

Engineering Department - Excavation Permits

Excavation permits are required for all excavations, installations or repairs of underground utilities, installation of fill, construction or reconstruction of any pavement, concrete, curb, gutter or sidewalk in any street, alley, or rights of way within the City of Cañon City. Refer to City of Cañon City Municipal Code, Chapter 12.20, Excavations.


In order to do work in the rights-of-way and obtain an excavation permit, one must be an licensed, insured, bonded contractor as required per City of Cañon City Municipal Code – Chapter 5.12 & 12.20.  See

Municipalities, quasi-municipal agencies, mutual companies, electric, gas and communications utilities, may provide a letter of responsibility in lieu of posting the required bond.  The letter of responsibility must be submitted to the Engineering Department for approval.

Excavation permits must be obtained in person at City Hall, 128 Main Street, Cañon City.


  1. Fees for excavation permits, inspections, tests and costs of concrete and pavement replacements:
  2. Permit Fee:                                               $50.00
  3. Inspection Fee (per site visit):                $70.00
  4. Compaction Tests (per test):                  $43.00
  5. Unauthorized Work in R-O-W:               $250.00 FINE
  6. Pavement and Concrete replacement costs:

Asphalt pavement                                  $7.50/SF

(Min 24” wide cut)

Concrete pavement                                $14.08/SF

Curb & Gutter (install only)                     $17.05/LF

Curb & Gutter (removal & replacement) $34.10/LF

Concrete Flatwork, 4 inches thick           $7.04/SF

Concrete Flatwork, 6 inches thick           $10.56/SF

Concrete Flatwork, 8 inches thick           $14.08/SF

  1. Fees for installation of water mains, services, and appurtenances:
  2. Standby and Inspection Fee:                  $32.00/HR

(work other than main installation)

  1. Inspection of main installation:                $0.60/LINEAL FT 
  2. Pressure test and Sampling (per test):    $75.00 + $0.10/LINEAL FT
  3. Tapping of water main (each tap):

(separate from Tap Fees)

¾ to 2”                                                   $65/TAP

4”                                                          $347/TAP

6”                                                          $357/TAP

8”                                                          $367/TAP

12”                                                         $387/TAP

  1. Any inspection or testing made on any Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, or between the hours of 3:30 p.m. and 7 a.m. of any day shall require a fee of 50% higher than the fee otherwise established.
  2. Some or all fees may be waived for Contractors working for the City on capital improvement projects.
  3. Fees for larger developments with multiple lots and larger projects:

          Option 1 -  One permittee (General Contractor or Developer)

                   Wet Utilities (Water, storm, sewer, etc.)         $32.50 X (# of lots/services)

                   Dry Utilities (Phone, cable, electric, etc.)        $32.50 X (# of lots/services)

                   Paving                                                             $32.50 X (# of lots/services)

                   Curb and Gutter                                              $32.50 X (# of lots/services)

                   Total                                                               $130.00 X (# of lots/services)

         Option 2 - Multiple permittees (General contractor plus subcontractors)

Each type of excavation will be billed separately to each permittee at $32.50 X (# of lots/services)

Each new development/project will provide their own trench inspections and density testing by an acceptable qualified third party and provide the reports/results to the City prior to surface restoration. It is the at the City’s discretion on which developments/projects are large enough or qualify to be considered in this manner. 

The City’s Standard Construction Specifications can be found here.