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2A Project Construction Map (2017-2019)

CONSTRUCTION UPDATES (as of May 6, 2019)

Total Available Funds Amt: $5,800,000
Total Length of Street: 3.3 Centerline Miles
Streets planned for reconstruction:

  • Main Street – 9th Street to 14th Street
  • 12th Street – College Ave to Royal Gorge Blvd
  • S. 4th Street – Ellsworth Ave to Dalmatian Drive
  • Myrtle Ave – S. 4th Street to S. 7th Street
  • Forge Road – Bellows Ct to Evelyn Drive
  • Meadows Ave – 10th Street to 12th Street
  • Harding Ave – 5th Street to 9th Street

Total Project Contracted Amt: $2,105,062.45
Total Street Cost: $1,694,665.95
Total Water Cost: $257,304.30
Total Design/Survey/Testing: $153,092.20
Total Area of Pavement: 23,248 Square Yards
Total Length of Street: 1.2 Centerline Miles
Streets completed:

  • Field Ave – High Street to Central Ave
  • Park Ave – S. 9th Street to S. 12th Street

Total Project Cost: $9,052,492.02
Total Street Cost: $7,454,079.52
Total Water Cost: $1,533,702.50
Total Stormwater Cost: $64,710.00
Total Area of Pavement: 94,079 Square Yards
Total Length of Street: 6.2 Centerline Miles
Streets completed:

  • Greenwood Ave – 15th Street to 16th Street
  • 16th Street – Franklin Ave to Main Street
  • Yale Place – College Ave to Harding Ave
  • Mariposa Drive – Temple Canyon Road to Ptarmigan Trail
  • S. 1st Street – New York Ave to Temple Canyon Road
  • Orchard Ave – E. Main Street to US50
  • E. Main Street – Rainbow Drive to Berry Parkway
  • S. 10th Street – Main Street to Royal Gorge Blvd
  • South Street – Field Ave to end of school zone
  • Main Street – 15th Street to 16th Street
  • Fairview Ave – 5th Street to 10th Street
  • Whipple Ave – 5th Street to 10th Street
  • Washington Street – 5th Street to 9th Street
  • Steinmeier Ave – E. Main Street to City Limit

Construction Update 9/25/2018

Beginning the week of October 1st, Field Ave from Central Ave to South Street will be closed for reconstruction.
There will be significant changes in traffic patterns in the area:
  • Traffic on Central Ave will have to stop at Raynolds Ave. (see map)
  • Parents dropping off and picking up children at Harrison School and MVCKS will be re-routed to Raynolds Ave connecting temporarily to South Street. (see map)
The work zone will be dynamic so we ask all drivers to be attentive, slow down, and follow all traffic signs. The City appreciates your patience and cooperation. 
Questions or concerns about this project should be directed to the City Engineer at 269-9011 8am-5pm M-F.

2A Street Improvement Project 2018 Status      
City Council has chosen this year to return to the traditional Design/Bid/Build process (Resolution 5-2018) as well as complete the work in smaller projects, making it more competitive for local contractors.

This change in process has caused a small delay and change in scope for 2018.

This year the following streets will get reconstructed:

  • Field Ave – Central Ave to High Street
  • Park Ave – 9th Street to 12th Street

Construction should take place late summer to early fall.

Construction Update 5/2/2018
Kiewit construction crews will be completing punch list items from the 2017 2A Street Improvement Project beginning this spring. Canon City residents should expect to see intermittent temporary lane restrictions as punch list items are completed. Remaining work includes infrared heat treat at water valves, finishing manholes and joints, touch-up shoulder work, and landscaping. Completing required punch list items will begin mid-May and wrap up in late summer.

2017 Construction
On April 17, 2017, the City Council awarded Kiewit Infrastructure the Design/Build Street Improvement Project (Referendum #2A).

2017 Priority Road Construction Maps
Detailed City Map - 2A streets
11x13 map - 2A streets

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Kiewit Presentation and Update to City Council on December 4, 2017

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