Police and Public Safety

Online Graffiti Report

The Cañon City Police Department appreciates residents keeping neighborhoods free of graffiti.  If you see someone in the process of creating graffiti, please call 911 immediately.

Per Municipal codes 9.36.018 (Damaging, defacing, or destruction of private property) and 9.36.010 (Damaging, defacing or destruction of public property) it is a violation of municipal code to graffiti on public or private property. If you see existing graffiti, please take a photo before painting over it, and complete the form below with the photo(s) attached.  If you have suspect information, you may be contacted by CCPD for additional information.

Name of Business (if applicable):
Address Line 2:
City or Town:
Location of graffiti (address/cross street/approximate):
Please identify the object the graffiti is located on:  Utility Box
 Building or wall
 Road Barricade
Is the graffiti located on public or private property?
How did you discover the graffiti?  
Photo Upload:
Suspect information (if any) include name (if known) and gender/race/age/height/weight/color hair/eyes, hat/clothing/etc. to the best of your ability:
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