Police and Public Safety

Crime Maps and Statistics

Cañon City Police Department is a modern department that uses crime mapping to identify trends, helping to prevent and deter crime.  In order to map crime trends, CCPD tracks NIBRS Group A Crimes which includes: arson, assault, bribery, burglary, counterfeiting, vandalism of property (criminal mischief), drug/narcotic offenses (possession and possession of paraphernalia), embezzlement, extortion/blackmail, fraud, gambling, homicide, human trafficking, kidnapping/abduction, larceny, motor vehicle theft, pornography/obscene material, prostitution, robbery, theft, sex offense forcible, sex offense non-forcible, stolen property offenses, and weapons law offenses. In order to assess for past successes, current needs and future initiatives, CCPD tracks comparisons from the same week, same month and same 12 month period of the previous year.