Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

The City of Cañon City recognizes the vital importance of preserving a high quality of life throughout the community through safe and sanitary living conditions and positive images.  Therefore, the city has adopted local codes and ordinances that regulate the proper use and maintenance of properties within the city.  The mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to serve our citizens by ensuring compliance with the city's municipal codes: providing effective public contact and education, building cooperative partnerships throughout our community, and when necessary, enforcing the regulations in an equitable and impartial manner.

Code enforcement ensures compliance for: unlicensed/inoperable vehicles; weeds and the accumulation of trash or junk on properties; recreational vehicle parking and storage in residential zones; maintenance of adjacent rights of way; and the placement of mobile homes.

Code Enforcement must allow due process when requiring abatement of violations. Upon verification that a violation exists, a verbal or written warning is given to the occupant and/or property owner.  

An owner will generally be given 7-10 days to resolve the problem. Upon re-inspection, if the violation still exists, a notice of violation is sent to the property owner. Continued non-compliance may result in citations and/or judicial remedies where fines may be levied.

The City Council encourages residents to become community-minded by getting to know your neighbors and working together; creating the most effective way to provide safe and attractive neighborhoods and sanitary living conditions for all citizens. Walk your neighborhood and meet your neighbors.  Working together is the most effective program. The Code Enforcement Officer is always available to help resolve problems.

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