Police and Public Safety

Animal Control Unit

Officer Duncan & LacyThe mission of the Animal Control Unit is to provide safety and public service to the citizens of Cañon City while also protecting the welfare of animals through enforcement and education.

The Animal Control Officer conducts investigations concerning animal related violations of Cañon City Municipal Ordinances.  Investigations primarily involve Animals at Large; Noise Disturbance; Bites; Vicious Animals; Cruelty; Abuse; and Abandonment.

The duties of the Animal Control Unit include:      

Evaluation of sick or injured animals - domestic and wild, and transportation if necessary;

Apprehend and impound loose dogs and/or livestock;

Assist Canon City Police Officers when requested;

Evaluate animals for signs of cruelty, neglect, and abuse;

Assist citizens with removal of nuisance wildlife (skunks, raccoons, and squirrels) by setting up and maintaining live traps;

Removal of any small animal carcass from roadways as well as private property in the event an animal carcass is found by a 
property owner;

Attempt to mediate any neighborhood disputes over animal issues through communication, education, and enforcement;

Cooperate with other agencies such as the Department of Wildlife and the Fremont County Sheriff's Office when necessary.

Cañon City requires that all dogs must be licensed.  Check with your veterinarian, the Cañon City Police Department, or the Fremont County Sheriff's Office for information on licenses and fees.

Cañon City Impound and License Fees are as follows:

Dog Impounds: $12.50 1st Day, $5.00 each additional day
Dog Licenses: $12.50 male/spayed female, $22.50 un-spayed females.

Although cats are not currently required to be licensed, they can be impounded if they are determined to be a nuisance.  The owners will be charged impound fees.

The Cañon City Police Department welcomes you to the Cañon City area and would like to remind you that for the safety of you and your dog, keep all dogs leashed in public places.

CALL 911 

Kelly Duncan 
Animal Control Officer 
Phone: 719-276-5621 
Fax: 719-269-9017 
Canon City Police 
161 Justice Center Road 
Cañon City, CO 81212