Municipal Court

Paying Citations

Cañon City Municipal Court only accepts the following methods of payment:

√  Cash

√  Checks payable to Cañon City Municipal Court

√  Money Orders

√  Travelers Checks

√  Credit or Debit cards

Payment can be mailed to 161 Justice Center Rd., Cañon City, CO  81212 or paid in person at the above office. To make in-person payments after hours, a payment box is available in the Cañon City Police Department lobby for your convenience. 

Fines and costs are to be paid immediately upon sentencing. Payment plans must be made during court appearances with the judge, at which time an additional $25.00 stay cost will be assessed along with normal $25 court costs. Failure to pay a fine and costs may result in a Failure to Appear bench warrant, which would result in an additional $60.00 warrant cost. Colorado law also requires this court to notify the Motor Vehicle Division of the Department of Revenue (DMV). DMV will revoke a Colorado driver's license when a bench warrant is issued for one's failure to appear or comply with conditions of a traffic ticket (or any type of offense if the person is less than 18 years of age).

The state imposes a $30.00 fee in addition to any other warrant fees and costs that might apply. If the person is licensed to drive by another state the DMV will initiate license revocation proceedings in that state also.