Responsibilities of the Mayor and the City Council

Preston R. Troutman is the Mayor of the City of Cañon City. The Mayor is an elected position that serves a two-year term.  The Mayor is elected at-large, meaning he/she may reside anywhere within the City limits of Cañon City. There are seven Council members, all of whom are nominated and elected, serving Cañon City at-large by the qualified electors of the City. The Mayor and three Council members each have districts for which they must meet residency requirements.

The Mayor and Council serve on various committees of Council, as well as serve appointed positions on various boards, commissions, and advisory groups. (see list below)

Neither the Mayor nor the Council has regular business hours at City Hall. Each Council member is available by contact through his/her home number, through city email, or by contacting the City Clerk’s office at 719-276-5242.

City Council typically meets the first and third Monday of every month for Regular Council meetings, and on the fourth Monday of every month for Liquor Licensing Council meetings. Other meetings may be scheduled throughout the month, and a full calendar of meetings is posted at City hall or available through this site.

The City of Cañon City is a home rule municipality and legislates itself through a combination of the voter sanctioned City Charter and State Statute. The Mayor serves as Chair of Council meetings, and the Council takes action on most administrative, contractual, and legal/legislative issues impacting the community. Cañon City is a Council Administrator form of government, in which the City Administrator takes direction from the Council and administers the day-to-day operations of the City.

The Mayor and City Council of the City of Cañon City review and direct legislation, contracts, actions, policies, budgets, long-range plans, projects, etc., related to the business of the operation of the City. Council actions are by ordinance, resolutions or motion passed as public meetings.

City boards, commissions, and advisory groups

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General Overview Map

  • Mayor
    Preston Troutman
  • District Four
    Kaitlin Turner 
    District 4 Map

  • At Large Council Members

    Amanda Cochran

    Dolly Gonzales

    Jim Meisner