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Streets, Fleet and Building Maintenance

George Stepleton is the Fleet Manager and is responsible for maintaining the City's vehicles and equipment in safe and operable condition. Through proficient maintenance procedures, the Department extends the useful life of equipment, increases equipment availability, and reduces downtime. The majority of all repairs are done in-house with the exception of paint/body repair and tire mounting and balancing. The Department handles the acquisition of all parts and processes all vendor invoices related to repairs. 

The Department coordinates insurance coverage, licensing, registration and annual inspection of all City vehicles. The Department also manages and maintains the City's Fuel Station, including scheduling annual testing, tank registration, fuel purchasing and billing to City Departments. 

The Department insures the compliance of the state and federal guidelines, regulations, and laws pertaining to vehicle maintenance, fuel storage, and fuel dispensing operations. Equipment Repair also provides 24-hour emergency repair service to all vehicles and equipment.

The Departments welding division fabricates special projects and assists other Departments with on-site welding tasks and repairs. Jim Johnson is responsible for Building Maintenance for nine city owned facilities.

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