Water Department

Water Distribution

The Water Distribution Department is located at 1525 S. 9th Street in Cañon City, and is responsible for the operation, repair, and maintenance of the City’s water distribution system. This includes all parts of the water distribution chain, from the finished water storage tanks to the water main, to the service lines and to the meter pits. The operators focus on preventative maintenance programs designed to extend the life of all assets.

To respond to any water system and customer emergencies, Water Distribution Department personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by calling 719-269-9022. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment licenses all of the Operators that operate and maintain the water Distribution System.

Please visit our Utility Billing page for information on paying for your city water service.

The responsibilities and functions of the Water Distribution Division include:

  • Valves, Hydrants, and Water Tanks
  • Maintenance of the Water Metering System
  • Maintaining Water Quality through Scheduled Flushing of Water Mains
  • Repair/Replacement of Water Mains
  • Operation of the Bulk Water Station

The Water Specifications are intended to provide information to all concerned parties performing waterline construction dedicated to or accepted by the City of Cañon City. In addition, all work within the public right of way is governed by these specifications.

The specifications apply rigidly to any new developments, which are not constrained by already existing improvements. Upgrades to existing facilities are often limited to conform to an existing condition. The Engineer may therefore allow variation of these specifications in this situation. When the term “Engineer” appears in these specifications, it shall mean the City Engineer or his authorized representative appointed by the City of Cañon City.

Finished Water Storage
After the water leaves the Filtration Facility all of it then flows into the two finished water storage tanks located on the water treatment plant hillside that have a capacity of 8.4 million gallons (MG). Water sampling lines from the tanks are piped to the monitoring station located in the Backwash Pump Station so that continuous testing can be performed to ensure that the finished water is safe to drink.

Distribution System
The stored water in the tanks on the hillside creates water pressure through elevation differences. The water flows out of the finished water storage tanks on the hillside by gravity into the distribution system. Underground pipes, or water mains, of different sizes transport the water from the storage tanks to the houses and businesses in Cañon City and is available for fire protection. Distribution operators maintain approximately 150 miles of water main, 1,152 fire hydrants, and over 3,000 valves for the system. There are in the neighborhood of 9,000 meters on the service lines going into buildings that monitor everyone’s individual water use. Residents and businesses are then billed according to their water use. That means the more efficiently you use water, the less money you’ll have to pay on your bill!

A very important duty and responsibility that a water provider has is to keep the Water Distribution System safe from contamination. As a drinking water provider, the City of Cañon City is committed to protecting the Water Distribution system that supplies the City’s drinking water. To accomplish this compliance with the testing of backflow prevention assemblies is an important undertaking towards this protection. Backflow Prevention Assemblies protect the Water Distribution System from cross-connections.

A cross-connection is any connection between a potable (drinking) water supply system and any source of non-potable or non-drinkable liquid, solid, or gas. Under certain circumstances of unequal pressure, a non-drinkable substance could either be pulled or pushed into the drinking water supply. This is called backflow.

Backflow events can reverse the flow of water or other substances into the Water Distribution System, resulting in chemicals or contaminants getting into the drinking water. Because of changes in pressure, the water can flow in the opposite direction from what is intended. This is why the installation, inspection and proper maintenance of backflow prevention assemblies and devices is imperative to the safety of your drinking water.

One of the most common cross-connections is made when buried sprinkler systems for lawn irrigation are installed. Under the right conditions lawn irrigation systems can backflow contaminated water into your drinking water. In order to prevent this, building codes require that these systems be protected with a backflow preventer. Therefore, you play an integral part of protecting your home plumbing system and the Water Distribution System. The City of Cañon City needs your assistance and values your cooperation in this effort. We require all water customers to install backflow preventers where needed and to have them tested on an annual basis. Backflow prevention assemblies must be tested by a Certified Cross Connection Control Technician.

If you are a certified backflow prevention tester you can access the City of Cañon City test form below. The form is a pdf fillable document. Once you have filled out the form you can print it, scan it and email it to backflowreporting@canoncity.org or simply mail the completed form to:

Cañon City Water Department
1525 South 9th Street
Cañon City, CO 81212

City of Cañon City Backflow Prevention Test Form

Contact Information:

Anthony Bosco
City of Cañon City
Water Distribution Supervisor
1525 South 9th Street
Cañon City, CO 81212

Distribution System Finished Water Pumping and Storage
The distribution system has 4 finished water storage tanks that hold 10.5 MG of water for our customers use. Combined with the finished water storage tanks at the water treatment plant hillside the City has 18.9 MG of storage for the system. There are 5 finished water pumping stations that are used to fill tanks and maintain water pressures in areas of town that cannot be served by gravity feed from the tanks on the water treatment plant hillside.

Free tours are available by appointment. Contact the Water Treatment Plant at 719-269-9019 for scheduling and directions.

Bulk Water Station
A bulk water sales station has been constructed by the City of Cañon City and is located adjacent to the City of Cañon City maintenance shops. This station will provide bulk water to residents and contractors without the need for the customer to rent a hydrant meter. A standard 3″ male cam lock connection is installed on the station, customers will need to adapt to this connection. The discharge from the station is currently set at approximately 250 gpm.

Customers will be required to set up a prepaid account with the City of Cañon City. Accounts may be opened at the City of Cañon City Water Distribution office located at 1525 S. 9th Street. Be prepared to provide company and truck information, including license plate numbers and truck capacity.

Operation of Bulk Water Station (Coming Soon!)

Bulk Water Station Application (Coming Soon!)