Code Enforcement

Property Maintenance and Maintenance Standards

Property maintenance is important. Maintaining property helps keep property values up which also makes Cañon City a desirable place to visit, live, and start a business. Property maintenance also reduces crime, keeps wildlife safe, and promotes health and wellness of residents and visitors. The City encourages residents to comply with City ordinances that relate to the maintenance of their property – keeping weeds cut, maintaining the right-of-way between their property and the street, proper storage of equipment and personal property, disposing of trash and litter in a timely manner and generally, maintaining their property so that it does not become detrimental to the surrounding neighborhood. To that end, the City, through its Code Enforcement Division, enforces these and other nuisances. See the Municipal Code for specific information.

A Maintenance Providers list is available for residents. This information is provided as a courtesy. The City of Cañon City makes no recommendations on the service providers listed.

Type of Violation

Municipal Code Section

To create, operate, maintain or conduct any nuisance, as defined in Chapter 38, CCMC (See Section 8.38.040 G)

8.38.130 A


To interfere with or prevent, or attempt to interfere with or prevent, the abatement of any nuisance by an officer or agent of the City acting pursuant to a provision of this chapter or pursuant to a court order


8.38.130 B


To allow any property, including any private residence, to deteriorate, either through abandonment or neglect, to the extent that such property becomes an unsightly nuisance and a detriment or danger to surrounding property or the general public.  Evidence of abandonment or neglect which could render a property either an unsightly nuisance or a detriment or a danger to surrounding property may include a combination of some of the following occurrences or   conditions, or occurrences and conditions which are similar to the following: Substantial peeling or faded paint, broken shutters or fascia, bent, broken or rusted gutters, broken windows or screens, detached doors or screens, broken or damaged fencing, damaged or dead landscaping, cracked and/or potholed cement or asphalt paving, presence of weeds in gravel or paved parking areas


8.38.130 C


Junkyards and dumping grounds. All places used or maintained, or permitted to be used or maintained, as junkyards, or dumping grounds, or for the wrecking or disassembling of   automobiles, trucks, tractors or machinery of any kind, or for the storing or leaving of worn out, wrecked or abandoned automobiles, machinery of any kind, or for any of the parts thereof, or for the storing or leaving of any machinery or equipment used by contractors or builders or by other persons, when such places are kept in such manner as to interfere with the comfortable   enjoyment of life or property by others or cause a detriment to the public health, safety or welfare. Nothing in this subsection shall be deemed or construed to prevent the City from   acquiring, operating and maintaining a facility for the storage of motor vehicles, vehicles, boats, machinery or equipment pursuant to this Code


8.38.140 A


Type of Violation

Municipal Code Section

Slaughterhouses and rendering plants.  All places used or maintained or permitted to be used or maintained for slaughtering animals, for bone crushing, bone boiling, bone rendering, bone burning, fat boiling, fat rendering, fat drying, gut cleaning or the making of glue, or the manufacture of fertilizing materials of any kind or description from any dead animal or part thereof, or any boiling of offal, swill, fat or grease of any description when such places are operated in any unclean or offensive manner, or when such places are operated so as to   interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property by others or cause a detriment to the public health, safety or welfare


8.38.140 B


Slaughtering of animals. Any use of residential property for animal slaughtering or butchering whether for private use or for sale in a manner which interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property by others or causes a detriment to the public health, safety or welfare

8.38.140 D


Any animal or fowl enclosure in which any animal or fowl may be kept, or in any other place in which manure or liquid discharges of such animals or fowls may accumulate, and which is maintained in an unsanitary condition, allowing an offensive odor to escape therefrom, or providing an insect or rodent attractant


8.38.150 A


Manure or any other organic material used on premises for fertilizing purposes which are allowed to become offensive to sight, an attraction to insects or rodents, or to otherwise create an unsanitary condition


8.38.150 B


Whenever manure or any other organic material shall accumulate and affect the health of the public

8.38.150 C


To allow any building or premises or appurtenance thereof, or any use made or maintained on or within property, to become offensive in odor, offensive to sight, or to create an unsanitary or hazardous health condition


8.38.150 D


Illegal dumping.  It shall be unlawful for any person to put, place or dump garbage, trash, litter, refuse or waste material of any kind in, under, on or around a private, public or commercial garbage refuse dumpster, trash container, solid waste container or recyclable container   belonging to another, without prior written permission for such use being granted by the owner, lessee or person in control of the real property upon which the dumpster or other trash container is located.  This section shall not apply to public containers located in places other than public parks which are placed in public locations for use by the public. Use of containers in public parks and along public trails shall be governed by park rules set forth in or otherwise authorized in Chapter 9.44 or in public trail rules set forth in Chapter 9.46 of this Code




Type of Violation

Municipal Code   Section

Stagnant ponds.  Any cellar, vault, drain, sewer, pond of water, or other place that shall be noxious or offensive to others, or injurious to public health, safety or welfare through an accumulation or deposition of noxious, offensive or foul water, or other substances, or be conducive to the breeding of mosquitoes, shall be unlawful and deemed a nuisance


8.38.170 A


Stale matter.  It shall be unlawful and deemed a nuisance to keep, collect, or use or cause to be kept, collected, or used, or permit to be kept or used, any stale, putrid, or stinking fat or grease or other matter

8.38.170 C


Sanitary sewer inlets.  It shall be unlawful and deemed a nuisance to deposit in or throw into, or permit to be deposited in or thrown into, any sanitary sewer, sanitary sewer inlet, or privy vault that shall have a sanitary sewer connection, any article whatsoever that might cause such sanitary sewer, sanitary sewer inlet, or privy vault, to overflow, backup or otherwise become noxious or offensive to others, or to become injurious to public health, safety or general welfare of the residents of the City

8.38.170 D


Noxious liquids.  It shall be unlawful and deemed a nuisance to discharge out of or from, or permit to flow from any house or place, any foul or noxious liquid or substance of any kind   whatsoever, into or upon any adjacent ground or lot, or into any street, alley or public place


8.38.180 A


Liquid fuel products.  The leakage of five (5) gallons or more of liquid fuel products into the   environment from any tank, line, or delivery vehicle, constitutes a danger to the health, safety and welfare of the general public and the citizens of the City and is therefore a nuisance


8.38.180 B


Leaking receptacles, offensive channels.  Any unclean, leaking, foul, unsafe, or dangerous, defective or filthy drain, ditch, trail, or gutter, or any leaking or broken slop, garbage, or manure box or receptacle of like character, whenever and wherever found in the City, shall be deemed a nuisance


8.38.180 C


Harmful chemicals.  It shall be unlawful and deemed a nuisance for any responsible party to apply or use any herbicide, pesticide, insecticide, rodenticide, disinfectant, fumigant or other harmful chemical, gas or vapor upon the property in such a manner that the harmful chemical, gas or vapor leaches, escapes, migrates, or flows from the property and deposits in or on any other public or private property


8.38.180 D


Type of Violation

Municipal Code   Section


Diesel emissions.  It shall be unlawful for any owner or operator of any diesel-powered engine to cause or permit the same to be idled for a period in excess of fifteen (15) consecutive minutes, or for a period in excess of forty-five (45) minutes in any one hundred-twenty (120) minute period, (it being the intent of this provision that an owner or operator may not circumvent the provisions of this section by the repeated turning on and off of a diesel engine) at any time that the   outside temperature is twenty-two (22) degrees Fahrenheit or above; provided, however, that unattended vehicles operated by diesel powered engines shall not be allowed to idle at any time; and provided further, however, that the provisions of this section shall not apply to ambulances or other emergency vehicles


8.38.180 E


It shall be unlawful and deemed a nuisance for any person to deposit, throw or place any litter upon any street, alley, sidewalk, or public grounds in the City except in public receptacles or authorized private receptacles

8.38.190 A


Littering of private property.  The responsible party in control of any private property shall at all   times, maintain the premises free of litter, trash, garbage or refuse.  No person shall throw or deposit litter on any private property, whether owned by such person or not; provided, however, that the owner or person in control of private property may maintain authorized private receptacles for the deposit of rubbish or other waste materials in such a manner that waste materials will be prevented from being carried or deposited onto any public or private property.  Weed or grass clippings shall not be left or stored by the responsible party in such a manner as to allow the clippings to be windblown onto other private property or public property

8.38.190 B


It shall be unlawful and deemed a nuisance for any person, while an operator or passenger in any vehicle, to deposit, throw or place any litter in or upon any street, alley, sidewalk or public grounds except in public receptacles and authorized private receptacles


8.38.190 C


It shall be unlawful and deemed a nuisance to operate any truck, trailer or vehicle in such manner that the load or any portion of the content of such truck, trailer or vehicle is blown or deposited in or upon any street, alley, sidewalk or public grounds in the City


8.38.190 D


It shall be unlawful and deemed a nuisance for any person to deposit, throw or place any papers, newspapers, handbills, letters, samples or literature in or upon any public street, alley, sidewalk or public grounds


8.38.190 E


It shall be unlawful and deemed a nuisance for any person, except an authorized public employee or officer, or a person who has previously obtained a permit to do so from the City to post, place, glue, staple, nail, affix, or attach any handbill, poster, placard, sign, announcement or other   painted or printed materials upon or to any street, alley, sidewalk, lawful sign, telephone pole, power pole, or any public or private dwelling, store, or other building or fence without the permission of the owner or occupant of   such property


8.38.190 F


Type of Violation

Municipal Code   Section

It shall be unlawful to keep or store any construction materials unless such materials are covered or secured or in some manner protected so as to prevent such materials from being blown, scattered about or otherwise moved

8.38.190 G


It is unlawful to store upon the property, place upon the property, or allow to remain on the property any trash or garbage, as described in Section 8.38.040, for a period in excess of seven (7) days

8.38.200 A


It is unlawful to dump or deposit, or cause to be dumped or deposited, garbage, trash or junk on the property of another, or on any   property owned by the City, unless such property is clearly marked and designated as a proper dump or receptacle for the deposit of trash, garbage or junk


8.38.200 B


It is unlawful to place or permit to remain anywhere in the City any garbage or other material subject to decay other than leaves or grass, except in a covered metal or plastic container, or in a sealed plastic bag, awaiting pickup and disposal

8.38.200 C


It is unlawful to drive or move any truck or other vehicle unless such vehicle is loaded or covered so as to prevent any load, contents or litter from being blown or deposited upon any street, alley or other public place


8.38.200 D


Operate or cause to be operated on any highway or public way, any truck or vehicle transporting garbage, trash or junk, unless such vehicle or truck is fitted with a substantial, tight box or other container thereon so that no portion of such garbage, trash or junk shall be thrown or fall upon   the highway or public way


8.38.200 E


Cause or permit to accumulate any dust, dirt, ashes or trash, or any such material that can be blown away by the wind anywhere in the City except in a covered container or in a sealed plastic bag awaiting pickup and disposal


8.38.200 F


Store, or cause or allow to be stored, upon the property any junk, as herein defined, unless the junk is completely contained within a house, garage or other permanent building on the property

8.38.200 G


Store upon property or to allow to be viewed by the general public, or any member thereof, goods, materials or substances not otherwise or specifically defined or definable as trash, garbage or junk, but which goods, materials or substances are of a type, kind, quantity or description not commonly associated with the zoning classification or permitted use of the property.  This subsection shall apply   to storage of firewood, unless the amount is two (2) cords or less, and the firewood is neatly stacked


8.38.200 H


Deposit household or commercial solid waste in any City-owned solid waste receptacle maintained on a sidewalk, in a public park, or in any other public place

8.38.200 I


Type of Violation

Municipal Code   Section

Parking or keeping a vehicle or trailer containing garbage within 250 feet of a residence



Littering property or water way

8.24.010 A


Unlawful refrigerator or icebox



Improper storage of inoperable motor vehicle



Failure to cut or destroy weeds



Placing trash or waste material on the property of another

8.36.010 A


Placing trash or waste material upon a street, alley, sidewalk or public grounds

8.36.010 B


Depositing dead animal or offensive materials on public streets, alleys or sidewalks

8.36.010 C


Depositing polluting materials in streams, ditches or other bodies of water

8.30.010 C


Depositing paper or clothing on streets, alleys, sidewalks, parks or other public grounds

8.36.010 D


Failure to dispose of animal remains

8.36.020 A


Unlawful burying of dead animal

8.36.020 C


Violation of Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings
See §8.38.040 G (11), CCMC



Violation of Uniform Housing Code. See §8.38.040 G (10), CCMC