Code Enforcement

Mobile Home Installations

17.12.110, 17.12.120 AND 17.20.135

The following information is provided as a guide to the installation of mobile homes in the City. If you have questions, contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 719-269-9011.

  • Mobile homes built prior to June 15, 1976 (pre-HUD) are not allowed to be placed/installed in the City except as follows:

    If a mobile home was built prior to June 15, 1976, if it is currently located in the City and if it has been in continuous use, it may be moved to another location in the City so long as it can comply with all other pertinent codes.
  • All mobile homes that are moved, must be inspected for the presence of asbestos.

  • All mobile homes and other manufactured housing must be installed and inspected according to State and local laws. See Colorado’s Manufactured Housing Installation Program requirements at the State’s website - Division of Housing tab, or Colorado Division of Housing 303-866-2033 x 4653

  • All mobile homes and other manufactured housing located in the City must be skirted according to City standards.

  • All mobile homes and other manufactured housing placed in the City must have a valid Skirting Permit.

  • Landings and stairs attached to a mobile home or other manufactured housing that do not exceed 4’x4’ may be constructed without a building permit. Contact the City Building Division with questions.

  • You will need a building permit for: an entrance porch, a deck, an attached garage or carport, a fence or any projection from the main structure. Contact the City Building Division with questions.

What do I need to do to install a mobile home in the City?

  1. Before a mobile home or other manufactured housing is installed, submit a complete Mobile Home Skirting Permit application. Your application must contain a site plan showing the mobile home and setbacks as they pertain to the park space or the individual lot. See 17.12.110 or 17.12.120 of the Zoning Regulations for setback requirements. If you are in a mobile home park, the park manager should be able to assist you and the Code Enforcement Officer is available to help answer questions as you get started.

  2. After your application is deemed complete, the Code Enforcement Officer will contact you to schedule an inspection to determine that the proposed placement of the mobile home will meet the setback requirements.

  3. You will then have sixty (60) days to install and have your mobile home inspected as required.

  4. Once you’ve had the mobile home inspected for all installation requirements and it’s been skirted, call the Code Enforcement Officer to schedule a final inspection.

  5. The Code Enforcement Officer will inspect the skirting. At that time, you will provide the Code Enforcement Officer with copies of all written documentation pertaining to the installation and required inspections (including asbestos, if required). The Code Enforcement Officer will provide you with a copy of the skirting permit, if approved.

Who do I get to install and inspect my mobile home?

Mobile homes must be installed and inspected by professionals who are certified to do such work.
The City cannot recommend service providers. We are aware that the following entities provide services for installing and inspecting mobile homes in our area. This list is provided as a courtesy only:
For electrical and plumbing permits, contact Fremont County at 610 Macon Avenue, Cañon City
State Electrical Inspector                   719-275-2816
State Plumbing Inspector                  719-269-1255
     Richard Owens                                719-269-2472
     Wideload Inc.                                   719-240-4437
State Setup/Tiedown Inspectors:
     Dwayne’s Mobile Home Service   719-269-3225
     Better By Design LLC                      520-979-7745
Asbestos Inspections:
     State of Colorado                            303-692-3100
     Asbestos Abatement                      720-225-7085
     The Abatement Company             719-429-4427