Community Development

City of Cañon City Community Development

The Community Development Department intends to enhance
the coordination and integration of Cañon City's forward looking
efforts related to growth and development, focusing on building
construction, inspections, permits, building guides, accessibility
requirements, land use, the subdivision of land, planning, code
enforcement and property maintenance, downtown
revitalization, and economic development.

Our mission is to help improve the quality of life in our
community, facilitate investment and economic development
and improvements beneficial to the community in a way that
meets or exceeds the expectations of our citizens.

The Economic Development Strategy summarizes the Cañon
City economic development plan. City Council established this
plan after many meetings and discussions about the
community's future. This plan does not require going after the
"big fish" or a deal that cannot be counted on, but rather,
every element of this plan is already present in Cañon City
today. Our plan requires building upon resources and
opportunities that are already available to us.

Community Plans are available by clicking HERE.

Contact Us: 
City Hall 
128 Main Street 
Cañon City, CO 81212 

Building Division
Building Official 
Phone: 719-276-5292 

Kathy Ulsh  
Building Inspector 
Phone: 719-276-5253 
Hours: 7am-4pm (M-F) 

Planning Division 
Phone: 719-269-9011 
Hours: 8am-5pm (M-F) 

Zoning Division 
Terri Bernath 
City Planner 
Phone: 719-276-5294 
Hours: 8am-5pm (M-F) 
Code Enforcement Divison  
Brady Emmerson 
Code Enforcement Officer 
          Phone: 719-269-9011 
Hours: 8am-5pm (M-F)