Community Development

Community Development

The Community Development Department focuses on short and long term growth and development within Cañon City including:

  • Long term strategic planning
  • Community revitalization and economic development
  • Current planning and zoning, including the subdivision of land
  • Building construction, permitting and inspections, and
  • Code enforcement

We strive to improve the short term quality of life in our community and to sustain long term economic vitality of Cañon City for future generations.

The 2017-2020 Strategic Plan adopted by City Council identifies priorities and key intended outcomes the City organization will focus on over the next three years. The Strategic Plan is organized into six priority areas.

  • Economic Development
  • Public Safety
  • Infrastructure
  • Attractive Built Environment
  • Community Investment Opportunities
  • Public Trust, Transparency, Accountability

The Community Development Department is integrally involved with many of these strategic priorities.

Existing and In-Progress community plans are available by clicking HERE.

Contact Us:

Deana Swetlik, AICP 
Community Development Director 
City Hall 
128 Main Street 
Cañon City, CO 81212 


Kathy Ulsh, C.B.O 
Certified Building Official  
Phone: 719-276-5253 

Rob Paulin 
Building Inspector 
Phone: 719-276-5292 

Patrick Mulready 
City Planner 
Phone: 719-276-5294 


Joelene Inman 
Code Enforcement Officer
          Phone: 719-276-5612

Dan Victoria
Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: 719-276-5293