Building Division

Building Division Frequently Asked Questions

1. What requires a permit?
New Fence
Replacement Fence
Shed over 120 square feet
Replacing old drywall
Remodeling a house
Finishing a basement
Detached garage
Converting a garage into living space
Replacement furnaces and new furnaces (wood burning stoves/pellet stoves)

This is not a complete list of projects that require a permit. If you're not sure your project requires a permit, please call the Building Division at 719-276-5253.

2. What if I'm not sure if my contractor is licensed?
We post all active licensed contractors every quarter. Go to the Building Division link and select "Licensed Contractors" for the most current list.  If you do not see your contractor on the list, please call the Building Division at 719-276-5253 and we will check if they are licensed or not.

3. Do we need a permit for electrical or plumbing?
Code requirements for electric and plumbing are maintained by the State of Colorado. You can click on the links provided for Colorado State Plumbing or Colorado State Electrical and they will assist you with the correct information or phone numbers to call in order to find the correct information. Please go back to Building Division for the contact information and website links.

4. I'm painting my house and it doesn't require a permit.  Does my contractor still need to be licensed?
Yes, all contractors are required to be licensed and insured.