Zoning Department Application Forms

The Zoning Division provides the following applications and forms. For specific deadlines and schedule of meeting dates, click HERE.

    • Amendment to Comprehensive Plan
    • Annexation & Rezoning
    • Appeal of Site Plan to City Council
    • Community Marijuana Cultivation Facility
    • Conditional Use Permit [CUP]
    • Establish/Expand Mobile Home Park
    • Lot Line Adjustment/Subdivision Exemption Plan
      • Lot Merge
      • Lot Split
      • Replat
    • Major Subdivision
    • Minor Subdivison
    • Preliminary PDD/PUD
    • Final PDD/PUD
    • Rezoning, including amendments to PDD
    • Site Plan
    • Special Review Use [SRU]
    • Subdivision Exemption Plat
    • Temporary Use Permit
    • Transitional Mixed Use [TMU] Project
    • Vacation [ROW or Easement]
    • Variance
    • Wireless Service Facility
    • Zoning Code Amendment

For planning and zoning questions, please contact City Planner Patrick Mulready at 719.269.9011.