Zoning Department Application Forms

The Zoning Division provides the following applications and forms. For specific deadlines and schedule of meeting dates, click HERE.
Accessory Structure for Personal Use of Marijuana Application
Administrative Exception Application
Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance Application
Conditional Use Permit Application
Final Plat Technical Criteria Form
Food Cart Temporary Use Permit Application
Land Use Application
Minor Subdivision - Technical Criteria Form
Planning and Zoning Questions
Preliminary Plat Technical Criteria Form
PUD Application
Ratification, Consent, and Release Form
Rebuild Letter
Request for Assignment of Address
Request for Change of Address
Site Plan Technical Criteria Form
Site Plan Waiver Request
Special Events Permit Application
Special Review Use Application
Transitional Mixed-Use Overlay Application
Variance Application
Wireless Communications Facilities
Zone Change Application
Zone Designation Application
Zoning Verification Request