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Arkansas River Corridor Master Plan

Plan Overview

Plan Goals
The purpose of this project is to create a comprehensive strategy for the Arkansas River Corridor that aims to:
  • Enhance recreation in the Arkansas River Corridor
  • Better integrate downtown Cañon City and the Arkansas River Corridor through enhance connectivity, land use change, and site design
  • Identify areas within the Corridor where Economic Development may occur, and of what type
  • Design aesthetic improvements to the Arkansas River Corridor
  • Maintain and enhance critical stream functions and fish habitat in the Arkansas River
This plan includes recommendations and concepts on both public and private lands. It is a long-term plan that will create a vision as well as concrete steps to improve the River Corridor over the next 25 years.

Draft ARCMP Document–10/17/2017

The main document is an 11x17 landscape double-sided document. Each link below is a distinct piece of the document to keep individual file sizes lower for easier download/printing.
Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - Western Gateway pt.1
Chapter 2 - Western Gateway pt.2
Chapter 3 - Downtown Core
Chapter 4 - Griffin Park
Chapter 5 - Eastern Corridor pt.1
Chapter 5 - Eastern Corridor pt.2
Chapter 6 - Wayfinding and Gateway Plan
Chapter 7 - Next Steps
Appendix I - Related Planning Efforts
Appendix II - River Assessment Memo
Appendix III - Alternatives
Appendix IV - Draft Preferred Direction
Appendix V - Steering Committee Input
Appendix VI - Public Input

ARCMP–Draft Preferred Direction from 8/10/2017
Boards from 8/10/2017
Fact Checking Sheet

ARCMP–Alternatives from 6/22/2017
Zone 1: Gateway Option A
Zone 1: Gateway Option B
Zone 2: Downtown Option A
Zone 2: Downtown Option B
Zone 3: 9th St Option A
Zone 3: 9th St Option B
Zone 4: John Griffin Park
Zone 6: MacKenzie

Arkansas River Corridor Committee