Business Plan

The 2018 Business Plan operationalizes the implementation of the City Council Strategic Plan that was adopted March 6, 2017. The Business Plan is the culmination of a comprehensive process undertaken by the City Council and staff to evaluate community needs and interests and identify the key strategic priorities to move the community and City organization forward.

The 2018 Business Plan focuses on integrating the City’s strategic priorities, key intended outcomes, and performance measures into daily operations. The Business Plan includes a brief description of the City’s organizational structure and the City Council’s six
strategic priorities.

• Economic Development
• Public Safety
• Infrastructure
• Attractive Built Environment
• Public Trust, Transparency and Accountability
• Community Investment Opportunities

Each strategic priority section identifies proposed initiatives to address each strategic priority and key intended outcomes in 2018.
Semiannual progress reports on the implementation status of the Business Plan will be presented to the City Council and community.

The strategies reflected in the Five Year Financial Plan, Business Plan, and Strategic Plan allow the City to honor its commitment to the community to provide essential, outstanding, and cost-effective service to its residents and business. Once again, I offer my thanks and appreciation to the community for the valuable input it provided. I also thank City employees who embraced these initiatives and the City Council for providing the opportunity for the City to demonstrate its commitment to the community. I look forward to a productive year and will keep you informed of our progress.

Tony O’Rourke

2017 Business Plan
2018 Business Plan