Regular City Council Meeting February 19, 2018

City of Cañon City
P.O. Box 1460 - 128 Main Street - Cañon City, CO 81215-1460

6:00 p.m.
(Unless otherwise indicated, formal Council action may be taken as to any item listed on or added to this agenda)

1.       Call to order – Invocation – Pledge of Allegiance - Roll Call

2.       Citizens’ Request to Speak to City Council

3.      Approval of minutes from the 02/05/2018 Regular City Council meeting and the 02/07/2018 General Government Committee meeting.

4.      Council members’ announcements

5.      Adoption of the Agenda and Consent Agenda

Pursuant to subsection 2.04.090(B) of the Cañon City Municipal Code, this agenda may be amended, by a majority of Council, by the addition of new items or otherwise, prior to the conduct of any formal business hereinafter listed.

Consent Agenda

All matters listed under Item 3, Consent Agenda, are considered to be routine and will be approved with one motion.  Documents are approved substantially as drafted.  There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Council member or citizen so requests, in which case the items may be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately, at the discretion of Council.

a.    Appoint Council member John Hamrick to the Combined Regional Communications Authority (CRCA) – as an Alternate Director replacing Deputy Chief Allen Cooper.

b.    Appoint/re-appoint members to the Library/Museum Advisory Board:  Sherry Roeber and Liz Babilot, terms expiring 12/31/2019; Susan Hitt, Donette Lacey, and Brandon Hamilton, terms expiring 12/31/2020, and Council member _______________, term expiring 12/31/2019.

c.    Bids:

                  ---#18-18:      One 2018 Chevrolet pick-up for the Water Department to Dellenbach Motors, Ft. Collins, CO; $26,167.00.

                  ---#22-18:       One 2018 Chevrolet pick-up for the Parks Department to Dellenbach Motors, Ft. Collins, CO; $26.167.00.

                  ---#24-18:       Lighting equipment for the Parks Department to Blazer Electric Supply, Pueblo, CO; not to exceed $10,700.00.

                  ---#25-18:       Topsoil for the Parks Department to Avalanche Excavating, Inc., Cañon City, CO; not to exceed $32,000.00.

                  ---#29-18:       Water meters and registers for the Water Department to Finish Line Systems, Wheat Ridge, CO; $36,294.75 (sole source).

d.    List of Bills.

6.      Administrator’s Report.

7.      Ordinance 2, Series of 2018                                                                              Second Reading

An ordinance assigning the local liquor licensing authority pertaining to Special Event Liquor permits to the City Clerk (12-48-107(4)).

8.      Ordinance No. 6, Series of 2018                                                                       Second Reading

            An ordinance increasing stormwater fees.

9.      Public hearing: Application for a TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP of a 3.2% Beer Retail License at 1228 Royal Gorge Blvd from Western Convenience Stores, Inc. to Pester Marketing Company

10.       Public hearing: Application for a temporary modification of a Hotel/Restaurant Liquor License for Somewhere Saloon, LLC, d/b/a Somewhere Saloon, 1208 South 9th Street.

11.       Approval of the Cañon City Business Plan

12.       Ordinance No. 7, Series of 2018                                                                            First Reading

An ordinance amending Sections 8.16.040 and 8.16.060 of the Municipal Code – business dumpsters in residential zone districts.

13.       Ordinance No. 8, Series of 2018                                                                            First Reading

            An ordinance amending the sales tax code concerning definitions and administration, collection, and enforcement of the city’s sales and use tax.