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Water Treatment Plant
103 Tunnel Drive

Water Distribution

1525 South 9th Street
Water Department

Robert Hartzman
Water Superintendent

The City of Cañon City is proud to provide quality drinking water the residents of Cañon City and the surrounding area. 

The Water Department is comprised of two Divisions:

Water Treatment Plant Division
The Water Treatment Plant is a 7-day, 24-hour operation throughout the year. Our plant must meet the most stringent and updated state and federal water quality regulations as identified under the Safe Drinking Water Act and all revisions thereto.

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Water Distribution Division
The Water Distribution Division maintains, repairs, and installs a vast network of transmission and distribution mains, off site pump stations, valves, fire hydrants and meters. The division strives to distribute the highest possible quality of water along with excellent customer service. The division has an aggressive capital improvement program that extends 20-25 years into the future that addresses growth, major projects and routine replacements of the transmission and distribution system.

Cross Connection regulations

Account Maintenance Form - To Change billing addresses or information, order turn-on or turn-off services

Final Request Form - Used by title companies to obtain final balances due prior to closing on the sale of a property

Authorization to Release Combined Utility Billing Information (Documentation that someone, other than the property owner, has the right to make changes on the utility account)

Canon City Master Water Supply Plan Report (Audit of the City's water resources conducted by Martin & Wood Water Consultants, Inc., October, 2006)


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