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Welcome to Cañon City..."Gateway to the Authentic West." Our community has a rich cultural heritage and interesting geologic history. We embrace our past and plan for an exciting future. Ours is a truly special community, with abundant recreational opportunities, vast open space from the plains to the Rocky Mountains, parks and trails, community events all year long, and of course the Arkansas River and the Royal Gorge. If you live here you know what I mean. If you are considering relocating your home or business, you will discover it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. I look forward to seeing you around town or out on the trail. Mayor Preston R. Troutman


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Revised Drainage, Erosion and Sediment Control (DESC) Permit Requirements

With the issuance of the new Phase II General Stormwater Permit, the City of Cañon City has revised its requirements for DESC permits.  Under the previous permit, DESC permits were required for detached single-family residential projects less than one acre in size that were part of a larger development or project.  This applied to building permits in Dawson Ranch, Four Mile Ranch, Gold Cañon, Skyline Villas PUD and the Elizabeth Street PUD.  The new Phase II General Stormwater Permit further clarifies the applicability of permitting to construction activities that result in less than one acre of land disturbance.  Part I.E.3. of the permit describes “applicable construction activities” as including those construction activities that result in a land disturbance of greater than or equal to one acre or that is less than one acre, but is part of a larger common plan of development or sale that would disturb, or has disturbed since March 2, 2001, one acre or more, unless excluded below or the disturbed areas have been finally stabilized (emphasis added)As a result of this clarification, DESC permits are no longer required for single-family residential projects that disturb less than an acre for Dawson Ranch, Gold Cañon, Four Mile Ranch and Skyline Villas PUD.  DESC permits are still required for the Elizabeth Street PUD and any future subdivisions.  Even though DESC permits are no longer required for the above areas, please note that erosion and sediment control measures are still required during the land disturbance and construction and all projects are still subject to the City of Cañon City’s illicit discharge regulations.  Any pollutants coming from a construction site, or failure to implement soil and erosion control best management practices, can result in enforcement actions.  Please see this Fact Sheet for further details.

Cañon City Issues Fire Ban

Cañon City Issues Fire Ban
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